February 28, 2017

Stansted Academy’s Latest Job Fair

London Stansted’s latest jobs fair takes-off this week as nearly 50 airport companies showcase the hundreds of exciting career opportunities...

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August 29, 2014

G4S – Job Broker Reward Scheme

Urban Futures were recently featured in the ‘G4S Community Work placement newsletter’. Natasha Wilson was nominated by Soji Olukunle, Interim...

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November 21, 2013

Outward Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony

Urban Futures and Outward were delighted to co-ordinate the first ever Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony held at Newlon House in Tottenham...

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October 17, 2013

Outward Apprentices – Then & Now

In August 2012, Urban Futures on behalf of Outward (A North East London care charity) were asked to source 20...

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July 15, 2013

Urban Futures 2nd Annual Staff Conference

On Monday 15th July 2013, staff members from across all eight Urban Futures offices convened for the second annual staff...

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November 23, 2012

North London Youth Jobs Summit

On Thursday 22 November 2012, a range of local stakeholders met for the first North London Youth Jobs Summit as...

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Our apprenticeships programme offers young, talented individuals the opportunity to begin their career on a structured and supported programme, as an alternative to continuing in higher education. “We have a proven track record in recruiting apprentices, particularly within our engineering and customer service teams. “Last year, we recruited and trained 22 apprentices, with most ending up in full time positions in customer services and engineering. “This helps us to build our pool of talented youngsters and allows our experienced colleagues to pass on their invaluable knowledge to their future successors.

Chris Wiggan – Head of External Affairs – Manchester Airport Group

It’s really rewarding to offer young people an opportunity to come into the work space and learn while they earn, I take an interest in how they are all doing as it’s critical that we support challenge and reward these young people as they start off their work / career life. When I see them interacting with customers and business partners it makes me proud to sponsor such an innovative scheme. To take 17 apprentices is a big ambition move but I’m confident in my team of Managers and the Stansted Academy mentors that we can deliver the very best learning and coaching that will set these individuals up for future success.

Neil Banks – Head of Airport Customer Service – Manchester Airport Group

Apprentices are invaluable to our business and form an important part of our talent strategy at Stansted Airport. The Stansted Academy have played a key role in working with us to secure some fantastic candidates and we look forward to continuing to work with them through the Apprenticeship programme.

Lily Gee – Talent & Resourcing Co-ordinator – Manchester Airport Group

I started my apprenticeship in July 2016, and have now completed 10 Months of my BTEC Level 2 in Business Administration. I secured my apprenticeship after submitting my contact details online via the National Apprenticeship Service website, and received a call from the recruiter at Urban Futures.

The recruiter called regarding another job that I had applied for however, he ended up suggesting my current apprenticeship, as it better suited my skill set. The recruiter made it very simple and explained everything thoroughly, so I had all of the information I needed. He also made it clear that I could call him at any time if I had any further questions.

I was interviewed by Levertech and was successful and, soon after, met my mentor and senior manager, who were both very nice and welcoming. My mentor took me through all of the safety procedures and made it clear that I could speak to her if I ever needed to.

The apprenticeship itself has helped me develop my social & communication skills, my IT skills, and my work ethic, which has in turn helped me develop in life. My assessor has helped me with things I didn’t understand during the lessons, and in general. She also made it clear that I could contact her any time to ask questions or get help. She has also helped me get better at producing and presenting written documents. This has come in handy both in and out of work.

When I meet my assessor I usually see my recruiter, mentor, and senior manager as well. They are always friendly and I always look forward to seeing them all.

In conclusion, this apprenticeship is the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t think of one bad thing about it apart from the fact that it only goes on for a year

Tom Brown – Business Admin Apprentice – Levertech

I thoroughly enjoyed my BTEC Level 2 in Business Administration Apprenticeship with Urban Futures, it was a good way of learning a new skill that enriched my skill base and made me more confident. It made it easier to complete day to day tasks within Olympic Foods with better quality results.

I had a very good relationship with all members of staff I spoke to at Urban Futures or who was associated with Urban Futures. My mentor was always a phone call away and would help with any problems I had. My mentor’s manager was also the same, if I couldn’t get hold of my mentor, she was always just a short phone call away.
I didn’t have many interactions with my recruitment manager after I had been recruited and during the apprenticeship as I was introduced on recruitment as an apprentice, to my mentor and, once I had started the apprenticeship, my mentor and her senior manager became my first points of call. Prior to the start of the apprenticeship, I had a few conversations with the recruitment manager and he made me feel at ease, which initially got the ball rolling with using Urban Futures as an apprenticeship provider.

My Business Administration Apprenticeship assessor was also very good, it was easy to get in contact with her and she visited very regularly. One advantage about my assessor was she never told me the answer but, she gave me enough tools/ content that helped me reach the answer.

I would strongly recommend Urban Futures to anyone who wishes to take part in an apprenticeship.

Marcus Raisbeck – Business Admin Apprentice – Olympic Foods

Hamilton Fraser is currently working with Urban Futures and they have helped us to recruit three Business Administration Apprentices for our offices.
This is the first time we have used the services of Urban Futures instead of using a standard recruitment agency but we have found they listened to our needs, and provided us with good quality candidates who fit the culture of our organization and we believe will grow with us over time.
Urban Futures responded rapidly to our requirements, vetting, screening, briefing and providing good quality students who were interested in becoming a Level 2 Business administration Apprentice. They took into consideration the students location and the commute. They organized the interviews, making sure the students knew where and when to arrive which worked smoothly and we were impressed with the overall standard of the candidates offered. We look forward to working in partnership with Urban Futures in the future.

Kristina Yianni – HR Advisor – Hamilton Fraser

Urban are a highly reliable partner delivering consistently across both classroom and Apprenticeship activity.

Graham Smy – Partnership Manager – Cambridge Regional College

“Urban Futures is a quality provider. They have worked successfully with the Barnet and Southgate College for over 3 years to help us engage unemployed learners giving them valuable training opportunities and progressing them into sustainable employment. The quality of the learning and the success rates are excellent.”

Christian Nicolaides – Head of Contracts & Compliance – Barnet & Southgate College