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Haringey Education Business Partnership

HEBP seeks to connect young people with the world of work through development of learning opportunities
that inform, inspire and prepare them for their future life and work
This is achieved through the delivery of a menu of education-business activities which develop young people’s knowledge and understanding of the world of work whilst enhancing their employability skills.

A common and key factor in menu is that all activities are delivered in partnership with and through business and community organisations.

It can be argued that, given current economic climate, youth unemployment and social issues, the need for effective partnership between education, business and the local community has never been more important.  Partnership/ WRL should be viewed as core, rather than bolt-on activities linked to short term funding

Many excellent partnerships and nationally recognised WRL programmes have been developed in Haringey; many are included in the following menu.   Please note that it is not a definitive list. HEBP’s priority has always been to develop bespoke programmes and opportunities that meet the specific needs of the curriculum, young people and our partners in the business and wider community.

HEBP currently offer the following services…
Work Experience
In recent years HEBP has provided a comprehensive and quality placement and vetting service. It is a service that has provided placements for all secondary, special schools and the Post 16 colleges in Haringey.   HEBP will continue to deliver, develop and adapt this service to meet the ever changing economic, employment and educational environment.
Standard Placement Models
HEBP currently offer the following services…

  • Block one week placements for whole cohort groups, with a focus on objectives linked to personal, social and work related learning
  • Block placements for Pre & Post 16 learners linked to a specific vocational course of study,
  • One day a week placements, linked to a vocational courses or Foundation learning
  • Taster placements for 2/3 days, linked to careers, induction, foundation learning


Placement Vetting Service
All placements organised by HEBP are visited to promote employer engagement and vetted for Health, Safety and Welfare. It is part of the full service provision to schools/colleges and included in the placement costs.
HEBP also provides a vetting service to schools organising their own placements and to other placement organisers and EBPs

Work Related Learning, including Enterprise Education
HEBP is able to provide a wide range of programmes, each tailored to meet specific curriculum and learner needs.  Programmes delivered in recent years include:
Interview Skills
Programmes provide an opportunity for students to develop interview skills with local employers on business premises or a simulated business environment.
Provision can be designed for whole year cohorts or linked to specific courses or university applications.
Enterprise activities and challenges provide the perfect opportunity for students to learn from ‘real life’ business scenarios. For example, learners are usually asked to design and market a product or service, undertake marketing activities and then present their findings to a business representative.
Delivery models include:

  • Whole year group Enterprise Challenge Days
  • Enterprise Courses last for 1 – 5 days, linked to specific vocational             courses, special needs,  alternative or sheltered work experience
  • Borough wide Enterprise Challenge Competitions


Careers Education & IAG    
Programmes are designed to support careers education and provide information, advice and guidance about further education, careers and job opportunities.
Delivery models include:

  • Further Education & Jobs Fair, attended by representatives from colleges, training providers and businesses across North London
  • Careers Fairs, providing learners with an opportunity to attend a carousel of talks on occupational areas from industry representatives
  • Masterclasses, sessions delivered by business representative, tailored to meet specific curriculum and vocational course needs, eg performing arts, media, sport, mathematics at work, first impressions, applying for a job etc

Visits to Business, to learn about the way a company operates and to gain an insight into various jobs and departments. For most young people this is likely be the first time they have set foot in a ‘real’ business. Visits can provide appropriate WRL opportunities for KS2/3, as well as for older learners.

  • Visitors to the Classroom, by ‘adults other than teachers’ to talk about their education, training, job, career development etc.  Involvement of ex pupils, young entrepreneurs, people in non traditional work roles etc can provide a valuable educational and motivational impact


HEBP recruits, trains and supports mentors and coordinates a range of programmes.
Individual and group mentioning programmes are organised to meet the needs of the curriculum and have been particular effective in raising aspirations and achievement for young people at risk of underachieving. All programmes involve weekly mentoring sessions for a fixed period of time, working to clear, realistic and achievable objectives.
Mentoring programmes have also been organised to support delivery of vocational course units

Professional Development Placements to Industry
Professional Development Placements (PDPs) are a unique way for school and college staff to enhance their knowledge and understanding of business.
A placement in a local company can be of tremendous value to teachers developing new vocational courses and are especially relevant for all concerned with enterprise, work experience and career education and guidance. They are also an important way for all education professionals to refresh their knowledge, to acquire work-related learning material and to gain valuable links for the school or college with the wider community.
All placements are tailored to meet agreed objectives. Over the years HEBP has organised a wide range of placements for individual primary and secondary teachers, curriculum, vocational teaching groups and all school staff on a Teacher Availability Day.

Pre Apprenticeship Programme   – a  NEW programme and venture for HEBP
In partnership with Urban Futures the HEBP has been contracted to develop and deliver a Pre Apprenticeship Programme, funded by ESF.
The aim of the programme is to provide enhanced support to young people, aged 16 – 18 years, who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET and are likely to experience difficulty in accessing an apprenticeship.  
The Programme will provide:

  • individualised support, training and work experience to participants to progress them onto an Apprenticeship,
  • further support and mentor each trainee for a minimum of 26 weeks once they have gained employment as an Apprenticeship.

This 3 year programme will commence early in the Autumn Term 2011 and HEBP will welcome meetings with schools/teachers to outline the programme in more detail and to recruit young people who will benefit from this enhanced support and provision.

For more information contact:
Granville Barrand at
email: granville.barrand@urbanfutures.org.uk
tel: 020 8352 5900